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Often, it is necessary to analyze the main characteristics of existing wind farms in order to make better decisions in the implementation of future wind farms. Learning from the main deficiencies of the wind farms in operation can be very useful for a better implementation and exploitation of future wind projects, under similar environmental conditions. Thus, a search for nearby wind farms should be the first step in this long study process. This post will present a tool that allows you to find wind farms anywhere in the world. The tool allows you to explore wind farms in any country using a world map, in addition it allow filtering wind farms by number of turbines and installed capacity. Another important feature is that it shows the wind farms closest to the user's location. The tool can be found by clicking on the following link. Once inside, the first step should be to select the country that you want to explore its wind farms, or determine it by your location. Then in the filter section located on the map (Fig. 1) you have to click on "Filter" and then activate "Wind farms" to only show the wind farms in the selected country (Fig. 1).

Find Wind Farms Worldwide
Fig. 1. Filter by wind farms


Then clicking on the "Filter" button shows only the wind farms in the selected country. Furthermore, the tool allows filtering by installed capacity and by number of turbines by clicking on their respective fields. In Fig. 2, we can see how to filter to obtain wind farms with more than 100 MW of installed capacity and that have from 50 to 100 turbines, which are shown later on the map. Also, by clicking on any marker you can see the details of the wind farm in question, and if you click on "Search address", Google Maps is automatically opened with the location and address of the wind farm, and from the satellite view you can see also the configuration of the wind farm sought.

Filter by capacity and number of turbines
Fig. 2. Filter wind farms by installed capacity and/or turbines number


This tool allows you to easily find the wind farms closest to your location. Simply in the "Near me" section these appear (Fig. 3), and you only have to filter by "Wind Farm Locations" so that it only shows the closest wind farms to you, ordered by the distance to your location. From the "Search address" button, Google Maps is automatically opened with the location of the wind farm in question, from which you can find the address, routes, etc. in case you decide to visit it.

Wind farms nearby
Fig. 3. Wind farms nearby



The presented tool allows:

  • Find wind farms in any country
  • Show in a world map wind farms fitered by installed capacity and/or number of turbines
  • Find wind farms nearby

These features make it a very useful tool for the initial phase of a wind farm project. Thank you very much for the attention and until next time.

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